The DMX*LEV Lighting System
A DMX512/RDM512 Controlled Light Electric Vehicle Lighting System by Moxon Design

We've been working on the DMX*LEV Lighting System for a while now. It is a DMX512 controlled lighting system for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). The DMX512 system is a digital communications standard commonly used to control stage and theatre lighting, so it seemed like a natural extension to utilize it for Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) lighting systems. The DMX*LEV Lighting System is also designed to be able to be driven from a standard stage lighting console, in order to facilitate using the DMX*LEV Lighting System as "portable" lighting for Guerrilla Theatre applications and other "mobile performance theatre".

The DMX512 digital communication standard is normally a unidirectional system, with the lighting control console being the master (transmitter) and the lights themselves being the slave (receive) devices. With the advent of RDM512 this communications system becomes bidirectional and allows for the lights to communicate back to the lighting console.

We've been looking for a better vehicle wiring system, and the DMX/RDM system described below uses a very simple five (5) wire interconnection system that is chained between each of the lights in series. This makes it very easy to modify for different vehicle configurations, adding new headlights, tail lights, side lights, horns, and backup alert speakers as needed.

For example, a two (2) wheeled bicycle may only need a single head light (center), a single tail light (center), and a single down light (center bottom) for good visibility. However, a three (3) wheeled trike may want dual head lights (left/right), dual tail lights (left/right), as well as dual side lights (left/right) for good visibility. The Moxon Design DMX*LEV Lighting System has provisions to support a wide variety of configurations and vehicle types.

The above image shows a set of three (3) tail light assemblies, configured as "Left Tail Light", "Center Tail Light", and "Right Tail Light", respectively. Each of these tail lights uses sixty-five (65) LED's each, for a total of one hundred and ninety-five (195) LED's on the rear of the vehicle.

The first application of the DMX*LEV lights are on the Stites Design Truck Trike a human, electric hybrid vehicle with a 600 pound cargo capacity. Currently in use by B-Line - a sustainable, human/electric bicycle powered, urban delivery service.